MONTEBELLO Container Corporation is an Independent manufacturer of custom corrugated boxes, die cut containers, inserts and pads. Our capabilities include three color printing and in line die cutting on our Flexos and simple to specialty die cutting on our Platen Die Cutter. Our converting facility in Santa Fe Springs, CA is fed solely by our own state of the art corrugators. Our Quality and Service are unsurpassed in the industry.

*We also offer 24 hour turn around on most boxes and die cuts.



RSC- Regular Slotted Container
The RSC is made from a one piece blank where the outer flaps meet at the center of the box.

HSC- Half Slotted Container
The HSC is the same construction as the RSC without one set of flaps.

POL-Partial Overlap Container
All flaps have the same length. The outer flaps overlap by one inch or more. The box is easily closed, usually with staples through the overlap area. This style is used when the length of the box is considerably greater than the width, resulting in a long gap between the inner flaps. The sealed over-lap helps to keep the outer flaps from pulling apart.

FOL-Full Overlap Container
All flaps have the same length, (the width of the box). When closed, the outer flaps come within one inch of complete overlap. Stacked on its bottom panel, the overlapping flaps provide added cushioning. Stacked on its side, the extra thickness provides added stacking strength.

OPF-One Piece Folder
One piece of board is cut so that it provides a flat bottom, with flaps forming the sides and ends, and extensions of the side flaps meeting to form the top.

DST- Design Style Tray

RET- Roll End Tray also- RETT

RST- Roll Side Tray also-RSTT

RFTT- Roll Front Tuck Top

CTB- Center Tuck Bottom



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