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At Montebello Container Company, the company’s team is committed to working with clients across the industries to ensure they have access to the highest quality products. Now more than ever with our partners in the Crown Paper Group and Golden West Packaging, MCC is positioned to offer a wider range of products and services to the Western United States and Northern Mexico.

Crown Paper Group

Crown Paper Group is a holding company for investments in the paper and packaging industries. Its executive leaders have worked together in the paper and packaging industry for a century and a half collectively building high performance businesses. Montebello is proud to be a part of the Crown Paper Group and provide superior quality and performance products. The following companies make up the Crown Paper Group:

Golden West Packaging Investment Group

The Golden West Packaging executive team has worked together building high-performing packaging businesses for more than three decades. The team includes Chief Executive Officer Steve Strickland, Executive Chairman Steve Klinger and Chief Administrative Officer Craig Hunt. These executives are also involved in Crown Paper Group, Inc., which includes Port Townsend Paper Company (a supplier to Golden West Packaging), Crown Packaging, and Montebello Container. In addition, they have held various senior management roles at Smurfit Stone Container Corporation, Unisource and Georgia-Pacific.
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Corrugated & Packaging, LLC is another excellent business partner and a longtime customer of Montebello Containers. Corrugated & Packaging is based in San Diego and is a leader in the Tijuana market.

The MCC team works with some of the leading names within the marketplaces, including Golden West and C&P. They are now the global leaders in the high-end corrugated sheet and converting business. Here are just a few ways that MCC’s products are used:

  • Theatrical Movie Displays
  • Food Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Point of Sale/Point of Purchase material
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Shipping Containers

The company partners with dealers to deliver the final product through their comprehensive network of specialists.

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