A Guide to The Specialty Coating Options

When customers require specialty colored boxes for their business applications, the team at Montebello Container Company can respond. It’s important to work with a specialist within this process to ensure the ideal corrugated system is crafted. That’s why many are now working with the trusted team at Montebello Container, as they harness the latest technology to ensure the ideal flood coating services.

The Specialty Types of Coating

Montebello Container Company has many options when it comes to coating corrugated sheets to meet a multitude of packaging needs. These options include:

1. Esthetic Coating

Flood coated color

A solid color coating involves the application of GCMI, PMS or PMS Color Matched ink to the outside liner at the corrugator. The process allows the brand’s packaging to stand out in cluttered displays and to appeal to new market audiences. The coating can be done on white, Kemilite clay coated white, or Kraft paper.

2. Functional Coating

Functional coating is used to protect and provide additional resistance to the corrugated product like moisture, grease, and abrasive resistance properties.


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