Choose High-Quality Papers and Liners from Montebello Container Company

At Montebello Container we offer an array of liners. We carry a full line of mullen and ECT grades, as well as Mottled whites, bleached white, and clay-coated white. We are committed to helping customers select the best available papers and liners for their container needs. Our team has decades of experience in the marketplace and use this experience to help clients throughout the process of choosing the ideal packaging supplies.

MCC proudly features liners from our paper mill Port Townsend.


Clay-Coated White Liner


Clay-coated white liner is most commonly used in corrugated applications where it provides better ink coverage as a result of its higher holdout. We offer Clay-Coated White in 41#.


Bleached White Liner


#1 White provides a 100% bleached white fiber option. We offer #1 White in 42#.


Mottled White Liner


#3 White provides a bleach white fiber on top of a Kraft back option. We offer #3 White in 35HP, 42#, and 69#.

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Our team of experts is here to help you choose the right corrugated sheets for your packaging applications. To learn more about the options, contact our offices today!